Time Flies

“We were together.

I forget the rest.”

— Walt Whitman

So uh…
it’s been a while.

But there’s so much to share!

Here’s the basic story for you:
Four years ago I met a very attractive boy named Zach.

We became really close really fast. We met at Ecola Bible School and within a matter of six months (January to June) this boy and I were calling each other “best friends” and “brother/sister”. It dawned on me in the middle of the summer just how dangerous our closeness could be. So, I put a great distance in our friendship.

After Ecola, I started a ministry that has really taken shape. I adore what I’ve been allowed to do. I’ve met incredible souls and done things I couldn’t have dreamed of. I speak to the military, high schools, junior high and middle-school camps, and I even got to tell a few people at Ecola what I get to do.

The next thing I know it’s three years later!
It seemed like everyone I knew was getting married..
..including a dear friend from Ecola.

It was last August that our dear friend’s wedding took place in California. So, naturally, a bunch of us hopped on the band wagon and made our separate ways down there. Amongst all the friends was, of course, Zach. I didn’t expect things to go quite the way they went but…you see, he wasn’t a boy anymore. No, in fact, it seemed as if I barely knew the man dancing with me at that beautiful wedding.

Here’s where it gets crazy:

Five months after the California wedding we were dating.

Four months after that we were engaged.

Five months after that we’re married!

*takes a deep breath

Let me slow down:

At the wedding I realized it had been two years or more since I had really talked with Zach. I missed two crucial years of intense growth in his life. Zach now stood before me as a wholly different person. He was more “a lot of good things” and way less “the big…not-so-great things.” Enticed by the man I saw, I got a little swept off my feet. My heart was pounding. Apparently that crazy crush I’d had on him for all those years hadn’t changed in the slightest. It was intensifying. What really changed was Zach. Now he noticed me noticing him…and he liked it.

I have to confess something though: I did things out-of-order.
I was so smitten with the man he had become that..I lost my marbles and…I held his hand…

I spent the whole plane ride home praying like a madwoman. I wanted to do this right. I wanted to do all of it right from the beginning, but I was so dizzy. So, when I got home I called him…

The next five months were full of emotion, questions, answers, talks, dreams, and more prayers than I’d ever prayed before. Diligently, I watched him, listened to him, and prayed for him to make certain that he was the man he appeared to be. Finally, in January, I said yes to exclusive dating. (Old school…I know.) When we started dating, we spoke openly about our pasts and our potential future together. So it was pretty clear from the beginning that we were heading happily for the altar.

May 7th (the day before my birthday), he took me up to a beautiful park on Mount Tabor in Portland. He asked me, very simply (like us…simple,) to be his wife…I said yes quicker than The Flash.

I started dreaming up our wedding. By the end of a month, I had all the dreams done and all the details left. The rest of the summer, I was dreading the details of wedding planning. Until, finally, it dawned on me, “My future husband is great with making dreams happen!” So, I handed the details to my very sweet fiancé.

We got married Saturday, October 4th, at my home church out in the sunshine. We were surrounded by our loved ones and dear friends. Then we hopped on a flight the following Tuesday to the beautiful city of Paris, France. It was a dream honeymoon. I had my best friend, a gorgeous and historic town, and as much fun as we could pack into two weeks.

Now we’ve been home, (our new home of Astoria, Oregon) for over a month.

Marriage is basically a permanent sleep-over with your best friend!

We’re  loving our time together.
God is shaping our identity as a husband and wife.
With encouragement from my husband, Jesus and Jessie is still in motion.

Now we have a brand new team member!
Zachary Ricks, my best friend and my love!

That’s it for now. I’m glad to be catching up a bit. More in-depth and personal writing to come out soon…so stay tuned!