Summer '16 Update

Hello Everyone!

Here is a short little update. 

Over the past few months we have been doing a great many things.  In June, Jessica had two speaking engagements with MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). She delivers her personal story of life before, during, and after the tragedy in her childhood. She crafts each talk to the audience at hand. Choosing to point the stories in certain directions depending on the type of listeners. Our hope in participating with MADD is to gain friendships of integrity so that we have a personal platform through which to communicate the Gospel and watch the Lord do His work. Aisle ministry is another key part of what we do. Meeting with people just after a speaking engagement or event. We hope to catch them with open hearts and ears after having heard a message. 

We were traveling nearly the entire month of July speaking at some camps across Oregon. Three weeks, over a thousand miles of driving, 22 different messages delivered, hours and hours of prayer, singing countless songs, coming alongside so many young people with a listening ear, delivering the Gospel, and the Lord was faithful. We have many new brothers and sisters in the Lord. Pray for them.

We are going to take some time to rest and recoup. 

Thank you for your generous support. Without it we would not be able to go as we did. 

There are many ways to help. You could pray for us, you could give us financial support, you could connect us to individuals or groups, do some network on our behalf. But most important of all: Know Jesus and make Him known.

We love you all so very much and cherish each of your prayers. Continue in the Faith.

Zach and Jess