Neither Left nor Right

In the age of social media sadly it seems that everyone has a voice, but who has the truth!? Lately I’ve noticed much ado about Catholic boys, Native Americans, Walls, Marches, etc etc ad nauseum. It all seems rather foolish. Pointing fingers left. Pointing fingers right. Pointing fingers south. One mouth saying this, and the other saying that. Eyes shooting piercing glances that would burn holes even in the sun. Such vitriol such gnasty behavior. Uncivilized. Uncouth. Rude. Inconsiderate. It’s easy to observe things outside. It’s easy to point fingers. But the truth is that every person brings something dirty, unwanted, and dare I say it sinful, to the table. And most people ignore their sin. Most people pretend it’s actually virtuous and beguiling. Until each person on this planet stops looking left, right, north and south and begins to look at the sin they have upon themselves. Until they realize they cannot dissolve it themselves. It is something over which only one person has power. Until people come to Jesus we cannot expect less than for sin to be on the table. And when sin is all that’s there to eat people learn to like it.